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Official Selection


After long deliberations, the committee announces the movie selection of the 9th annual International Freeski Film Festival. As usual, the phenomenal content that was submitted made choosing the right movies an enormous challenge. We thank all producers who put-in the effort of creating these works of art.

Behold the iF3 2015 official selection!

AM Category

BRS, Bon Vivant, Sweden (Webcast)
Chris Bolduc, Trashin, Canada (In Theater*)
Gavin Rudy Media, The Golden Age, United States (In Theater)
Inflik Media, The Unseen, Canada
Kook Lyfe, The Last American Ski Bum, United States (In Theater)
Midiafilm, PROFILE – Characters on Skis, Austria (Webcast)
Next Generation Media, Ticking Bomb, Norway
Nosafe, A Short Winter, France
Not so Local, Dead End, Canada
Perspective Studios, Misconceptions, United Kingdom
Tabarnak Pack, Season Recap, Canada (In Theater)
The Hood Crew, The Boolers Ball, United States (In Theater)
The Ridge Films, Somnium, France (Webcast)
Totally Trevor, Totally Trevor The Movie 2, United States (In Theater*)
Twobees Media, Judgement Call, Canada (In Theater)

PRO Category

4FRNT Media, Shaping Skiing, United States (In Theater*)
Armada Skis, Snowcieties, United States (In Theater)
Beech Studio, A Ranger’s Journey to Patagonia, Austria
CFSA / iF3 Festival, The Canadians, Canada (Webcast)
Clayton Vila, For Lack of Better, United States (In Theater)
DPS Cinematic, The Shadow Campaign: Sanctuary, United States (Online)
DPS Cinematic, The Shadow Campaign: Sun Dog, United States (Online)
DPS Cinematic, The Shadow Campaign: The Winds of Winter, United States (In Theater)
DPS Cinematic, The Shadow Campaign: Whitewash, United States (Webcast)
Driftwood Media, Blackout, Canada (Webcast)
Elmar Bossard, Swiss Freeski – The Movie, Switzerland (Online)
Freeski-Crew, Street Skiing in Russia, Austria (Webcast)
Good Company, Good Company Two, United States (In Theater)
Gpsy Feelin, Cruise Control, France (In Theater)
JF Houle, Houligan: A Ski Story, Canada (In Theater)
Inspired Media Concepts, In Search, Canada (In Theater)
K2 Skis, Ferious Sun, United States (In Theater*)
Legs Of Steel, Passenger, Austria (In Theater)
Level 1 Productions, Small World, United States (In Theater)
Line Traveling Circus, Fried Ice, United States (Webcast)
Meanwhile in Canada, Ski The North, Canada (In Theater)
Nimbus Independent, After The Sky Falls, United States (Webcast)
Nipwitz & Flatlight Creative House, Brain Massage, Finland (Webcast)
Real Skifi, Episode 13, Finland (In Theater)
Salt-Street Productions, Red Run: The Abandoned Ski Village, United Kingdom (Online)
Super Proof, The Masquerade, Canada (In Theater)
Team Thirteen, Conquering The Useless, United States
Teton Gravity Research, Paradise Waits, United States (In Theater)
The Coterie, We Trust Your Judgment, United States (In Theater)
The Distillery, Suzuki Nine Queens Highlight, Austria (In Theater)
True Grit Productions, Dog Days of Winter, United States (In Theater)
Vecom Video, Fast Forward, France (In Theater)
Verb Cabin, Places To Go – A Jim Harris Story, United States (Online)
Warren Miller Entertainment, Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows: Valdez Segment, United States (In Theater)
WeAreBlank, Blank.themovie, Canada (In Theater)

All Girls @ iF3

Brooke Potter, Ultraviolence, United States (Webcast)
Brooke Potter, Park Performance Edit, United States
Brooklyn Poirot, Park Performance Edit, United States
Coline Ballet-Baz, Highlight 2015, France
Dania Assaly, Park Performance Edit, United States
Danylle Hammett, Park Performance Edit, United States
Diamond Annies Media, The Last Park Movie, United States (In Theater)
Emma Dahlström, The 2015 Season, Sweden (Webcast)
Jackie Mee Hyun Kling, Park Performance Edit, United States
Katrina Nicole, Park Performance Edit, United States
Kelly Sildaru, Park Performance Edit, United States
KGB Productions, How Did I Get Here?, United States (Webcast)
KT Miller, Shifting Ice + Changing Tides, United States
Level 1 Productions, Tatum Monod Season Edit, United States (Webcast)
Lexi DuPont, #WhySoSerious, United States (Webcast)
Lisa Zimmermann, Season 2015, Germany (Webcast)
Matilda Rapaport, A Skier Knows – Entering a Skier’s Mind, Sweden
Maude Raymond, Season Edit, Canada
Sarah Martinais, Freeride Performance Edit, France
Shades of Winter, Between, Austria (In Theater)
Steffi Relssom, Park Performance Edit, United States
Taylor Lundquist, Park Performance Edit, United States

Web Series

Maurienne Tourisme, À la Française, France (Online)
Teton Gravity Research, Almost Live Season 7, United States (Online)
Teton Gravity Research, Behind The Line Season 7, United States (Online)
Bon Appétit Freeski, Bon Appétit, France (Online)
Tazza, Hot Chocolate Project, Finland (Online)
Newschoolers.com, On The Road with Mr.Bishop Season 1, United States (Online)
Switchback Entertainment, Salomon Freeski TV Season 8, Canada (Online)
The M-equipment, Serial Heelers, Switzerland (Online)
Katrina Nicole, Sexual Wednesdays, United States (Online)
The Big Picture, The Big Picture – Mtn Revision, United States (Online)
DPS Cinematic, The Shadow Campaign, United States (Online)
The Faction Collective, We Are The Faction Collective Season 2, Switzerland (Online)


Online: Watch it on our website
In Theater: Presented at Imperial Theater in Montreal
In Theater*: Films to be screened at TRH Bar / iF3 Launch Party
Webcast: Presented in our Free Online Screening Sept 24th 3PM EDT on RedBull.com