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iF3 2014 GoPro Video Recap and Top 8 Stories and Posts

iF3 came and went like the blurry hurricane of good times it is known to be from year to year. Throughout this weekend’s packed schedule of awesome ski movies and festivities, many stories were worth telling and here are the top 10 articles and videos posted by attendees and media partners we want you to see.

Video Recap filmed 100% on GoPro



Top 8 Stories and Posts


8. Cali P giving Montreal a shout-out from Jamaica in preparation for the festival.



iF3’s favorite reggae artist had a huge performance at the Phi Centre for the iF3 Movie Awards and Launch Party.


7. ESPN’s iF3 photo album

Click image for the album.

iF3 Party, ESPN

A great collection of images from moments at the festival.


6. Freeskier Magazine editor Henrik Lampert running around Montreal with a GoPro.


Behind the scenes of iF3-invited athletes and producers spending some quality time in Montreal. Check-out this playlist of funny interviews, fooling around on BIXI bikes, skateboarding on construction sites and partying like they’re pro skiers or something.


5. University of Vermont Freeski Team partying at iF3


Ever wonder what it’s like to party at iF3 with your whole crew? Watch these hooligans have a blast and go absolutely nuts at our parties, winning awesome prizes. Want to bring your club to iF3 2015? Send david@if3festival.com an email regarding the ambassador program.


4. iF3 Movie Awards by Downdays

Click image for the full story.

iF3 Movie Awards

Check-out who from the world’s best 2014 ski movies won what at the iF3 Movie Awards.


Bonus video: the Bern Best Crash Award for the most glorious fails of the year.


3. iF3 Movie Awards Live Webcast Replay

Click image for the full story.

iF3 Live Webcast Movie Awards

The reckless iF3 crowd was hard to control at first, but the show was a success. Check-out all the winners and nominees with the recording of the Live Webcast of the iF3 Movie Awards.


2. A Swedish article about iF3 Montreal?

Click image for the full story.

all girls if3

Not sure what it says, but the photos are awesome and we’re just so stoked to have this article published in Sweden. Big up to Gabriella Edebo, a winner of the “K2 All Girls @ iF3” contest, for making this happen!


1. iF3 2014: This is Skiing, Pleased to Meet You

Click image for the full story.

ns article

A few words from our extended family over at Newschoolers.com. Want to understand the freeski community from its core? Look no further, this piece of literature is a gem.