iF3 Tremblant 2015 Recap

Last Saturday, iF3 hosted Tremblant’s first après-ski party of the season!

We kicked off the celebration with the local premiere of DaiWa by Victor Côté and his crew that rip Tremblant’s park year after year.

iF3 Tremblant 2015

Tabarnak Pack’s Mike Dandurand then introduced his crew’s season recap, which was also presented at iF3 Montreal. iF3_TREMBLANT_2015-4081

Can you spot the free t-shirts flying around??


We raised our glasses to JP Auclair as we screened the moving project Apogée by Bjarne Salén. #WeLoveYouJPiF3_TREMBLANT_2015-4110

Alexi Godbout, local superstar, presented his new masterpiece Blank. the Movie in front of his home crowd.iF3_TREMBLANT_2015-4097

Hands up for more free giveaways!! 


Oh hey B-Paul!


JF Houle introducing his two-year triple award-winning movie Houligan: A Ski Story to close the night with an absolute banger. 


“I Can’t order drinks but I’ll win all the coolest prizes.”


The winner of the New pair of Armada skis!


See you next year!!