• Producer(s)
  • TFJ Productions
  • Runtime (min)
  • 35
  • Country
  • Sweden
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

A lot of ingredients and lots of different styles blend well in Pastiche. It’s a familiar format but as always with us the main point we’re making is that the style and passion of the individual is just that, the point. We’re all here to hang, have a good time, do wierd stuff and cheer eachother on. Who’s to judge what’s better or worse? We all just ski.

Riders :

Jonas Hjohlman, Frej Jönsson, Per Fernvik, Fredrik Green, Filip Berggren, Tobias Björk, Carl Regnér, Robin B Jenssen, Emil Granbom, Pontus Nordström, Niklas Granlund, Joakim Berggren, David Hällgren, André Ifren