• Producer(s)
  • Darren Rayner
  • Runtime (min)
  • 5
  • Country
  • USA
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3

Visual Snow Entertainment. This is YLESKI. A mid- season release showcasing a creative look on freeskiing in the mountains.

The idea behind this first YLESKI edit was for freeskier Wiley Miller and filmmaker Darren Rayner to have full creative control and produce a web release that goes beyond ski action. Growing up in Montana, Wiley has had a real appreciation for the outdoors and has admired the power and grace of untamed wildlife, hence, the inspiration behind this edit and the YLESKI big horn sheep logo.

Skiing: Wiley Miller, Shay Lee, Thayne Rich
Filming / Editing: Darren Rayner
Additional post production: Jay Grandin & Scott Tolan / Giant Ant Media
Music: Nine Inch Nails – Into the Void