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Salt-Street Productions – RED RUN: The Abandoned Ski Village

United Kingdom – 2 minutes – English

Big Mountain 1 – Park 3 – Urban 3

The biggest dry ski slops in the United Kingdom closed in April 2012. We took two skiers and one boarder back to the charred remains of Sheffield Ski Village where they learned to ski. The ski village was a key piece in the journey of some of the UK’s best freestyle skiers to the top of their sport, including James Woods, James Machon, Ellie Koyander and Katie Summerhayes, all of whom are now Team GB athletes. Our aim is to drum-up support for the Sheffield Ski Village in the city known as the sporting capital of the United Kingdom.

Director: Edward Birch

Cast: Byron Haywood-Alexander, Marcus Haywood-Alexander, Andy Dods.